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We can help your idea become a shooting script or if you don't have an idea we can help you find one. This is the most important part and often most overlooked part of the production process.

Whether your video is going to the little screen or the big one we'll ensure it's pretty as a picture when it gets there.

What's better than new friends?!

We can help you from concept to delivery: Whole hog or a la carte. Meaning, if you just need a writer, producer, shooter or editor we can fill that role or we can help you go from the words 'I think I need a video' to the whole hog.

Video production is like a living puzzle. Connecting talent, locations and an idea worth seeing come to life takes a lot of leg work. We can handle it for you or act as a consultant to help you produce the shoot yourself.

The day of reckoning. We follow the Hitchcock style of shooting by writing and storyboarding so the day of the shoot as Hitch used to say "the movies finished now I just have to shoot it."

They say a film lives in the mind, dies on the page, lives on set, dies in the can and is reborn in the edit. We like to edit with you in the room. For one editing can be a lonely job and two you know best what your video needs to do.

Whole Hog or A La Carte



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